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Particular Materials wins the Call for Innovation launched by…

Rome, 9 October 2019

Terna, the company that manages the Italian electricity grid, and Digital Magics EnergyTech, an incubation programme for digital start-ups in the energy sector, have chosen Particular Materials as winning start-up for the AMS – Advanced Materials for Sustainability Call for Innovation.

The call for Innovation was launched last July with the aim of developing cutting-edge solutions in the field of researching innovative materials in order to make electricity grid infrastructure even more efficient and sustainable. This involves construction materials, paint, nanomaterials and innovative and eco-sustainable environmental integration systems.

Particular Materials develops, produces and markets innovative nanomaterials using its proprietary green, flexible and scalable technology. The start-up’s project consists of creating a circular manufacturing platform for the integration of nanomaterials into industrial products.

Particular Materials is able to synthesise laboratory-controlled quality nanoparticles, but in massive quantities, through flexible, sustainable, safe and intelligent processes.

The start-up’s products can be used in coatings, catalysis, composites and biomedicine.

Particular Materials will be awarded € 15,000 as best innovative project in the field of Advanced Materials, materials which feature high levels of technology and contribute to improving our surrounding environments, making them not only more efficient and cost-effective, but also healthier and more sustainable in the long term.

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Particular Materials – TERNA call for Innovation – Final!

Particular Materials was selected as one of the 10 finalists by TERNA in its call for Innovation on Advanced Materials Sustainability We are excited of having the opportunity to share our technology to bridge the gap in the nanomaterial penetration in the industrial sector.

TERNA, being in charge of the National transmission grid, represents a very challenging test field for our solutions thanks to the multiple applications of nanomaterials in the Energy sector. The call for sustainable approaches is a perfect match for our goals of sustainability towards greener and smarter materials.

Come see us present our ideas in Rome, Auditorium TERNA on October 9th!

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Particular Materials #EIT RawMaterials Expert Mobility Forum

Particular Materials will attend the 2nd day of EITRawMaterials Expert Mobility Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility. The goal of the event is to trigger cross-value chain interaction and strategic alliances among European stakeholders that drive innovation in these sectors.
Sustainable raw materials and advanced materials are key enablers for a successful Mobility Transition. The dramatic shift towards mass-market e-mobility has been triggered by the need for reducing CO2 emission and improving air quality in cities. This development generates a growing demand for new kinds of functional and structural materials. These materials contribute significantly to the overall cost of mobility, its environmental and social footprint, and the global supply chain dependencies that respective OEMs will have to cope with. The ambition of a Zero Emission Mobility will have to account for the ecological footprint of its enabling materials. 

Our manufacturing technology is a perfect fit for the Forum goals as it’s entirely water based and has an extremely low carbon footprint; furthermore, its synthetic flexibility enables the efficient manufacturing of multiple materials with a single production plant. 

Come and take a look at our most recent breakthroughs in Turin, Lingotto Conference Center on October 8th, 2019.


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Italian Electrochemistry Days 2019

Particular Materials will sponsor and attend the 2019 Italian Electrochemistry Days in Padova, Italy.

If not for electrochemistry, you should join us for the venue: the meeting will be hosted in the congress center inside the magnificent Botanical Garden of Padova inscribed on the World Heritage List as a cultural good since 1997. It is the oldest existing university botanical garden in the world and It represents the birth of science, of scientific exchanges, and of the awareness of the relationship between nature and culture. It gave a great contribution to the development of many modern scientific disciplines, notably botany, medicine, chemistry, ecology, and pharmacy. The Botanical Garden hosts some really important species including a dwarf fan palm that was planted in 1585 and is currently its most ancient plant. It has been known as “Goethe’s Palm” since the poet, after observing it in 1786, was inspired to describe his evolutionary theory in his “Essay on the Metamorphosis of Plants”, published in 1790.

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Preview of new merchandise!

Thanks to Dry Design for coming up with this awesome graphics for our new merchandise.

Orders placed in June will receive a little surprise in the box.

One extra step in #bridgingthegap #excellenceinnanoparticles

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Materials for Today’s Energy Challenges Workshop, June 2-4th 2019

Particular Materials will sponsor the Materials for Today’s Energy Challenges Workshop, to be held on June 2-4th 2019 in Padova, Italy.

The Event, chaired by Prof. Stefano Agnoli and Dr. Laura Calvillo, will see the participation of over 130 of the top European scientists in the fields of solar fules, water splitting, CO2 valorization, photovoltaics and electrochemistry. It will be a great chance to benchmark our scaled-up materials with some of the best lab-scale performers in a crucial sector for the next 20-year technology .

Looking forward to meet you there!


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Seal of Excellence!

Particular Materials was awarded the Seal of Excellence of the EU Commission for its NANOPRO Project on Nanomedicine!

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Planet Earth is Calling

In the last couple of weeks we have been contacted by several companies around the world to help them implement nanotechnology in their process or products. Check out now how we can provide superb quality nanoparticles with our innovative technology and get in touch with us. We love to solve your challenges 🙂


Discover more at nano.particularmaterials.com/