Our Method

Our proprietary production and treatment technology relies on the best and most studied fluid of all: water.

Water exhibits wide variations of its physico-chemical properties with temperature and pressure: by exploiting these unique features, we designed a production plant capable of tuning the reaction conditions very finely.

We are capable of controlling the 5 main parameters dictating the quality of nanoparticles: size, monodispersity, degree of aggregation, morphology, phase purity.

Enabling us to quantitatively convert aqueous dispersions of soluble species into high quality nanomaterials.

The continous nature of the process, the avoidance of harmful chemicals, smart engineering solutions translate in a scalable, ecosustainable and flexible technology.

The process doesn’t involve the use of organic solvents, strong acids, volatile or flammable gases or dusts and is entirely water-based, making it green and scarcely energy-intensive.

The final result? A concentrated dispersion of nanoparticles of the best quality, in water.