Manganese dioxide nanoparticles

Manganese dioxide nanoparticles are not only nontoxic but also has highly active and strong oxidation power. It is an environmentally friendly metal oxide, its nanoparticles are widely used in energy storage devices (lithium-ion batteries, capacitors), catalysts, sensors and imaging.

Recently MnO2 have found an important use in biomedical applications such as antibacterial and antifungal agents and therapeutic activity.

In addition MnO2 have an excellent function to adsorbing heavy metals and organic pollutants from water.

MnO2 is available in the α (hollandite), β (pyrolusite), δ (birnessite) and R phases with different morphologies and sizes.

We at Particular Materials synthesize nano MnO2 and we produce dispersions with excellent stability, monodispersity and fully disaggregated state.

Technical Information

In order to be able to take advantage of the various properties of manganese dioxide nanoparticles, significant care needs to be taken in controlling size, monodispersity and crystalline structure.

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Related Applications and Industries

Key applications of manganese dioxide nanoparticles are as follows:

  • Energy storage: MnO2 NPs can be used as capacitors and supercapacitors with high power density, fast charging and a long life span thanks to its ability of absorbing and intercalating ions inside the structure.
  • Catalyst: MnO2 NPs can be used in the oxidative reactions of the organic compounds, including various dyes.
  • Adsorbent: MnO2 NPs are found in the form of octahedral molecular sieves of large surface area due to which they are used in the adsorption of heavy metals and organic pollutants from water.
  • Biomedical applications: MnO2 NPs are mainly used as drug carriers in tumor therapy.
  • Manganese dioxide NPs are also used as an oxygen reducing electrode in fuel cells.

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