Green Gra.S.S. – GREEN Graphene Supercritical Synthesis

The Green Gra.S.S project, boosted by the EIT RawMaterials in 2018, enabled the development of an industrial process for the fabrication of high-quality nanographene sheets, starting from inexpensive precursors and entirely in water.

By adopting a bottom-up synthetic strategy within its production plant capabilities, Particular Materials has managed to prove the possibility of manufacturing single-layered graphene in a continuous fashion.

This is the first reported bottom-up, scalable and continuous synthesis of high-quality graphene: our Graphlow(R) will be commercially available in summer 2019.

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This activity was funded by the Start-up & SME Booster Program from the EIT
RawMaterials, funded by the EIT, a body of the European Union supported under the Horizon
2020 research and innovation program.