Y3Al5O12 (YAG)

Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet nanoparticles

Yttrium aluminum oxide (Y3Al5O12) nanopowder, also called yttrium-alluminium-garnet nanopowder, is a source of highly insoluble and thermally stable yttrium. It appears in the form of a white powder having a nearly spherical structure and it’s the most important solid-state laser host material.

Yttrium aluminum oxide is an electrical insulator, and is used for optic, ceramic and glass applications.

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Technical Information

YAG is an important ceramic material due to its high strength and low creep rate at high temperatures and excellent optical properties.

YAG shows thermal stability up to its melting point which is around 1970°C.

It also has other attractive properties, including high chemical stability, high quantum yield, low toxicity, low level of thermal expansion, and tunable light emission wavelength.

Related Applications and Industries

Key applications of yttrium aluminium oxide nanoparticles are as follows:

  • The ionic conductivity property of the powder is used for electrochemical applications such as building fuel cells.
  • The high surface area provided by these powders is helpful in solar, water treatment and fuel cell applications.
  • The high thermal stability and insolubility make it suitable for ceramic, glass and optic applications.
  • The high creep resistance shows applications in solid-state lasers, cathode ray tube and back light source.
  • Colouring and adhesive agents.
  • Co-catalyst in photocatalytic.


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