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Particular Materials wins the Call for Innovation launched by…

Rome, 9 October 2019

Terna, the company that manages the Italian electricity grid, and Digital Magics EnergyTech, an incubation programme for digital start-ups in the energy sector, have chosen Particular Materials as winning start-up for the AMS – Advanced Materials for Sustainability Call for Innovation.

The call for Innovation was launched last July with the aim of developing cutting-edge solutions in the field of researching innovative materials in order to make electricity grid infrastructure even more efficient and sustainable. This involves construction materials, paint, nanomaterials and innovative and eco-sustainable environmental integration systems.

Particular Materials develops, produces and markets innovative nanomaterials using its proprietary green, flexible and scalable technology. The start-up’s project consists of creating a circular manufacturing platform for the integration of nanomaterials into industrial products.

Particular Materials is able to synthesise laboratory-controlled quality nanoparticles, but in massive quantities, through flexible, sustainable, safe and intelligent processes.

The start-up’s products can be used in coatings, catalysis, composites and biomedicine.

Particular Materials will be awarded € 15,000 as best innovative project in the field of Advanced Materials, materials which feature high levels of technology and contribute to improving our surrounding environments, making them not only more efficient and cost-effective, but also healthier and more sustainable in the long term.

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