Italian Electrochemistry Days 2019

Particular Materials will sponsor and attend the 2019 Italian Electrochemistry Days in Padova, Italy.

If not for electrochemistry, you should join us for the venue: the meeting will be hosted in the congress center inside the magnificent Botanical Garden of Padova inscribed on the World Heritage List as a cultural good since 1997. It is the oldest existing university botanical garden in the world and It represents the birth of science, of scientific exchanges, and of the awareness of the relationship between nature and culture. It gave a great contribution to the development of many modern scientific disciplines, notably botany, medicine, chemistry, ecology, and pharmacy. The Botanical Garden hosts some really important species including a dwarf fan palm that was planted in 1585 and is currently its most ancient plant. It has been known as “Goethe’s Palm” since the poet, after observing it in 1786, was inspired to describe his evolutionary theory in his “Essay on the Metamorphosis of Plants”, published in 1790.

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